Sunday, 15 January 2012

Review : Topshop Nevada lipstick

This isn't my first Topshop lipstick, I've bought one before back in March which was Brighton rock, so I think I kind of know what to expect. I've always been a big fan of Topshop' make-up, I think its good quality for the price and not what people expected when it was first released Topshop were to sell a make-up collection. I've always had my eye on the Nevada lipstick, but for some reason I've always stopped myself, I think its because its such a nude/pale colour, you could go slightly wrong with it and looking like you have 'foundation lips'. When trying it I was happy it didn't create a 'foundation lips' look I had been dreading, I just think you have to be careful with what make-up you where with it, I think brown eyes like Keira Knightley/Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen would be a good look, so your not putting yourself in the danger zone of looking like you've rubbed in foundation on your lips. I think it's a nice colour, although it doesn't look so shimmery on the lips as it does on my hand in the last picture. I'm looking forward to wearing it as a more natural look, I think stay away from the big eye make-up with this one.

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