Monday, 6 August 2012

Zara spiked shoes

These are my new favourite shoes I have found myself living in. I bought them on the second day of the Zara sale in Stratford, I did originally want the ballerina style spiked pumps but they didn't have them in my size. However I am so glad I bought these as I was umming and erming about it. I have seriously blister prone feet, no matter what shoe however many times I've worn them and no matter how good the quality, I always get blisters. But these actually are the first pair of shoes that haven't given me blisters, the appearance of these shoes have been very deceiving, but in a good way of course. Pain free shoes! My normal shoe size is a six, though I do find with Zara I have to get the size up, especially when it comes to fitting in to high heels, so I opted for the seven. These are just so pretty I'll have to stop wearing them all the time as I am known to trash my shoes! My Zara spiked shoes were bought in the sale for £29.99.


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